The LAUTR-TI residency and curriculum experiences align to support the development of effective teaching skills and knowledge grounded in current educational research and district initiatives. Residents’ sustained efforts and success in both the practicum and coursework components of the program are key to their success as Resident Teachers.

LAUTR Impact

Since its inception in 2010, LAUTR has trained seven cohorts of equity-minded teachers who are now serving as teachers of record in high-need schools in Los Angeles. LAUTR graduates are from ethically diverse backgrounds (76% across all cohorts), and their impact and success in working with students during their early career years are attributed to the following program strengths:

Residents believed that coursework and feedback from classroom observations best prepared them to teach.
Across LAUTR cohorts, mentors agreed that LAUTR residents demonstrated greater community engagement than typical student teachers. For instance, mentors perceived residents as better able to work with students (connecting students’ interests to learning, integrating culturally relevant
instructional approaches in lessons, and addressing challenges to student learning) and advocate for students to have equitable access to educational resource than typical student teachers.
Across LAUTR cohorts, both residents and mentors consistently believed that residents were “prepared” to “well prepared” to teach as a result of participating in LAUTR.
Across LAUTR cohorts, on average residents rated themselves
highly on self-efficacy for teaching and believed they were ready to teach.

An LAUTR Resident

• Is able to articulate a philosophy of education grounded in equity and social justice
• Has a strong content background
• Shows evidence of working collaboratively
• Expresses an interest in serving the community
• Has a grasp of data-based inquiry
• Has an asset-based orientation to family and community
• Possesses effective communication skills
• Will commit to three years of teaching in a partnering school district upon certification

LAUTR Key Features

• Social Justice & Equity Orientation
• A Year-long Apprenticeship and Co-teaching with a Mentor in a High-need School
• Inquiry-based & Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
• Master’s degree in Integrated STEM Education
• Teacher Leadership Experience
• Networking & Support for Employment with our District Partners
• $25,000 Living Stipend + STEM & urban education scholarships & grants