Our Team

Kery leads program design and management of the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency program. She oversees the recruitment/selection of mentors and residents, the residency experience, and the induction of new teachers. Previously, she served as an Elementary Principal in Los Angeles Unified School District and a Span School K-8 Principal in Paramount Unified School District. She has served as Assistant Principal, Intervention Coordinator, Title I Coordinator, and Classroom Teacher. She is committed to equity in education and curriculum development that is culturally relevant and responsive to the language, social, and academic needs of all students. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Masters in Educational Administration from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).
Yvonne handles all aspects of recruitment, selection, and placement of resident teachers for LAUTR. She has served as a department chair and Research Assistant for California State University Los Angeles and an adjunct faculty in the Division of Special Education & Counseling at CSULA. Prior to her current role, Yvonne taught math, science, and language arts in elementary and middle schools for 15 years and co-authored several publications including Teacher Beliefs and Practice in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms. She earned an M.A. in Education Foundations and B.A. in Child Development, completed coursework in the UCLA/CSULA Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education. She is also a fellow of the University of Pennsylvania Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy.
Ruth oversees the design and implementation of LAUTR’s special education programming and provides support to the residents focused on special education. Ruth has been both a special education teacher and an administrator within the Los Angeles and Simi Valley Unified Schools Districts in California. She has been responsible for the management of large scale school wide state and federal programs at urban schools including budget oversight, management of differentiated instruction and program improvement for students with disabilities and at risk youth, and coordination of and reporting on mandated state assessments. Ruth earned her Education Specialist and M.A. in Education Administration from California State University, Northridge. She also holds a Multiple Subject Credential in general education from California State University, Dominguez Hills and a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from Northeastern University.
Suzanne is responsible for directing the induction period for new teachers in the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency, including assisting graduating residents in job placement and providing school-year support to first- and second-year LAUTR teachers. She previously served as Program Director for Jubilee Consortium Urban Intern Program. In addition, Suzanne has also served as a principal, a 7th grade math teacher, and an elementary teacher for grades 4th through 6th. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego, a M.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Seminary of the Southwest, and a M.A. in School Administration from Loyola Marymount University.
Deseree provides administrative support to CCE’s Los Angeles office. Prior to joining CCE, Deseree was a project coordinator for a real estate developer. She organizes/hosts women groups and events to assist them in gaining their self-esteem and self-worth after leaving domestic violent relationships. Deseree volunteers with Community Events bringing the community and needed services together. She is Notary Public and holds a Real Estate License for the State of California.
Alexandra Guisti serves as the Operations Manager for LAUTR. Having received her bachelor’s in English Education from the University of Central Florida, she spent five years teaching middle and high school English as well as working with the AVID program before transitioning to higher education. Alexandra completed her Master’s in Management while continuing counselor duties and participating in leadership development programs and professional development.
Al Heredia is LAUTR-TI’s External Evaluation Director. He has evaluated K–12 education programs from Los Angeles to Miami-Dade County and worked on national evaluations of comprehensive school reform and smaller learning communities programs. He also directed California’s most recent statewide evaluation of its Migrant Education Program. His most recent work is in the areas of teacher and school leader preparation.
In 2014 his coordination of support and evaluation partnerships for 5 CSU grant applications to the US Department of Education’s Teacher Quality Partnership Program, in collaboration with the CSU Chancellor’s Office, resulted in five-year grant funding totaling $35 million to 4 CSU campuses.
Once a teacher, he holds a BA from Williams College and an MA from Stanford University’s School of Education in educational evaluation and policy analysis.
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Current Residents

Cohort 8 Residents By School
Abraham Lincoln HS – Parker Le (Single-subject Math) and Luis Vasquez (Special Education Math Specialization)
Alhambra HS – Diane Mercado (Special Education Math Specialization)
Bravo Medical Magnet HS – Arden Houghton (Single-subject Math)
Edison MS – Antonella Gonzalez (Single-subject Science)
Green Design HS – Aaron Carle and Liliana Tovar (Special Education Math Specialization)
John Muir HS – Alyssa Solis (Single-subject Biology)
LA Global Studies HS – Nathan Woo (Single-subject Math)
Marshall HS – Ariel Climer (Single-subject Biology)
Santee HS – Arias Williams (Single-subject Biology)
San Gabriel HS – Nathan Moriyama (Special Education Math Specialization)
Stevenson MS – Elizabeth Baker (Single-subject Science)
Verdugo Hills HS – Joseph Clemmons and Jessica Ting (Special Education Math Specialization), and Joseph Diaz (Single-subject Biology)
Wilson HS – Alexa Condrad (Special Education Math Specialization) and Dara Glanzer (Special Education Science Specialization)

LAUTR Alumni

Cohort 7
Abraham Lincoln HS – Noel Somoza (Math)
Alhambra HS – Richard Chung (SPED Math)
Edison MS – Gilbert Zepeda (Physics)
Garfield HS – Grace Chu (Biology)
Green Design HS – Chevaneese Turner (SPED Math)
Hamilton HS – Karni Zemel (Biology)
Marshall HS – Regina Ly (Biology)
Montebello HS – Scott Dumke and Vincent Truong (Biology)
San Gabriel HS – Mario Lapitan (SPED Math), Manual Ruiz and Christina Timko (SPED Science)
Verdugo Hills HS – Nathaniel Pritchard (SPED Science) and Rico Santangelo (Biology)

Cohort 6
Abraham Lincoln HS – Jeremy Ovadia (Math)
Alhambra HS – Valerie Gregory (SPED Math)
Animo Jackie Robinson HS – Diego Gavia (Chemistry)
Animo Pat Brown HS – Collin Olsen and Sergio Rivera (SPED Science), and Christian Villa (Physics)
Animo Watts College Prep HS – Brittney Beck (Biology) and Justin Roane (SPED Math)
Bravo Medical Magnet HS – Dina El-Ghitany (Math)
Eagle Rock HS – Sandra Huang (Chemistry)
El Sereno MS – Elise Espinosa (Biology)
Garfield HS – Diana Hernandez (Biology)
Locke HS – Jacqueline Le (SPED Science)
Verdugo Hills HS – Richie Dang (SPED Math), Bridgette Spencer (Chemistry), and Bruce Varona (SPED Science)
Wilson HS – Lucy Dyke and Kelly Tartan (Math)

Cohort 5
Abraham Lincoln HS – Bryan Monroy (Physics) and Miguel Diaz (Math)
Bethune MS – Eric Clayton (Biology)
Eagle Rock HS – Elise Bare (Biology)
El Sereno MS – Joseph Canchola (Biology)
Fremont HS – Marco Godinez (Biology)
Julian Nava MS – Erika Hernandez (Biology)
LA County HS for the Arts – Sarah Shokair (Biology)
NOW Academy – Bailee Beauman (Biology) and Evelyn Navarro (Math)
Orthopaedic Medical Magnet HS – Stephanie Coffey (Biology)
Wilson HS – Carrie Barrett (Math)

Cohort 4
Abraham Lincoln HS – Angela Allshouse (Biology), Brenda Arias (Chemistry), Sharon Taylor (Physics), and Viridiana Valdovinos (Math)
Bethune MS – Elisa Erhard (Biology)
Downtown Magnet HS – Rachaele Otto (Biology)
El Sereno MS – Kristen Brown, Michelle Estrada, and Jenna Goldfein (Biology)
Orthopaedic Medical Magnet HS – Amanda Cansino (Biology)
Stern MASS HS – Cynthia Romero (Math)
Wilson HS – Jeanette Helguera, Liliana Manrique, and Oscar Martinez (Math)

Cohort 3
Abraham Lincoln HS – Cofley Moore (Math), Nathan Brown, Christina Hannouche (Physics), and Crissia Ramirez (Chemistry)
Bethune MS – Brent Rojo (Math)
East LA Performing Arts Academy – Jeremy Rosen (Biology)
Foshay Learning Center – Crystal Dukes (Science) and Marco Orozco (Chemistry)
LA School of Global Studies – Sophia Park (Chemistry) and Dannielle Shiomoto (Math)
Orthopaedic Medical Magnet HS – Stanley Johnson (Math), Miki Kelley (Physics), and Aaron Warren (Biology)
Social Justice Leadership Academy – Sunny Kim (Math) and Raul Peña (Biology)
Wilson HS – Alicia Chang (Chemistry); José de la Cruz, Greg Lee, and Yessica Sanchez (Math)

Cohort 2
Abraham Lincoln HS – Danny Duarte and Eben Gunadi (Physics); Tin Lam and Christopher Tavares (Chemistry)
Bethune MS – Geovanni Arellano and Baltazar Villalba (Math); Irving Contreras and Kevin Tse (Biology)
LA School of Global Studies – Elizabeth DeLacy and Mike Mednik (Math); Yanett Roman-Petersen (Biology)
Stern MASS HS – Jasmine Bayou-Young and Leonardo Sandoval (Math)l; April White (Chemistry)
Wilson HS – Stephanie Castillo, Kathleen Francisco, Sunny Kim, and Diana Wada (Math)

Cohort 1
Abraham Lincoln HS – Tiffany Hee (Math); Chad Clawitter and Titus Ume-Ezeoke (Physics)
Bethune MS – May Cheung and Sina Samart (Math)
Downtown Medical Magnet HS – Robert Rodriguez (Math); Karen Flummerfelt (Chemistry); Saray Felix and Anthony Martinez (Biology)
LA School of Global Studies – Daisy Helguera and Vy Hoang (Math); Maria Hernandez (Biology)
Stern MASS HS – Mac Thang (Math) and Daniel Schalk (Chemistry)
Wilson HS – Emanuele Bardelli, Carmelina Alonzo and Alex Torres(Math)