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Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency is an 18 to 24 month intensive credential and master’s degree program founded on principles of social justice. With co-leadership of Cal State University Los Angeles (CSULA) and Center for Collaborative Education (CCE), LAUTR provides aspiring urban teachers with rigorous, practical coursework, and training that includes co-teaching with a mentor teacher for an entire school year in high-need schools in Los Angeles.

LAUTR Mission

The mission of LAUTR is to equip future teachers to close the achievement gap through excellence, equity, and innovation.

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Integrate Theory & Practice

Integrate Theory &

Integrate theory and practice in a blend of graduate-level coursework, project-based experiences, and collaborative professional learning through highly supported cohort communities

Youth Ministry

Foster Equitable Learning

Foster equitable and democratic learning and classrooms that we seek to build

Men's Ministry

Utilize Innovation & Best Practice

Bring innovative, research-based practices into classrooms and schools for equity, high expectations, and excellence for all students as our goal

Women's Ministry

Produce Teacher Leaders

Produce teacher leaders who commit to transforming the schools in which they teach

Apprenticeship through

LAUTR Residents work with a Mentor Teacher in a high-need school for an entire school year.

Program Partners

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Residency begins in late May


634 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA


1. Attend Information Session 2. Submit LAUTR Application 3. Participate in Selection Day

*Refer to above 'APPLY' page.